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  • Automatic Hair Curler
Automatic Hair Curler

Automatic Hair Curler

  • Heater Type: PTC
  • Temperature range: 80-230°C
  • Weight: 0.45kg
  • adjusting Cable: 2.2 meter long
  • Product description: Top selling in passing years,custom logo available,black and pink colorway available
Automatic Hair Curler
Automatic Hair Curler manufacturer
3 Timer settings with audio beep indicators Different settings will give different curl effects. Timer: 8 seconds = 4 beeps – for loose curls 10 seconds = 5 beeps - for soft curls 12 seconds = 6 beeps - for more defined curls. Temperature: 190℃ / 380°F for delicate, fine or colored hair 210℃ / 410°F for normal textured hair 230℃ / 450°F for thick or wavy hair

Why Yitrust Auto Steam Curler? 1. To curl both wet and dry hair directly, suggested hair length: Shoulder - 30 inch 2. Quick Preheat in 30 seconds. 3. Ensure the opening of the curl chamber is always facing towards your face. 4. Do not release handle before curling finish, or the curls will into a straight hair. 5. Worldwide dual voltage compatible 110-240V. 6. 360 degree swivel with 8.2ft power cord.
Product Name
Hair curler
Heater Type
Product size
13.8×3.9×3.5 inch
Barrel Material
Dual Voltage
110-240V 50/60Hz 30W

Short Hair

Short Hair - Lovely Bouncy Curls Add volume and body to your shoulder hair style Select the 190℃ + 8 Seconds Setting. Hold the Chamber vertically to your hair root, ensure the buttons side towards you. Press directional switch and let the Spinner catch and curl your hair. Work evenly around all sections until volume is revealed.

Midium Length Hai

Midium Length Hair - Bombshell Spiral Curls Achieve salon-quality tight spiral curls that you always wanted. Select the 210℃ + 10 Seconds Setting. Section 0.4 to 1 inch of hair. Insert it to the Chamber vertically, ensure the buttons side towards you. Press directional Button to wrap hair around the barrel. Hold fully wrapped barrel until the beep and then pull straight down towards your body.

Mid to Long Hair

Mid to Long Hair - Voluminous Soft Waves Effortless, fabulous looking curls using the Yitrust Auto Hair Curler. We suggest Maximal hair length less than 30 inch. Select the 230℃ + 12 Seconds Setting. Same access as "Midium Length Hair". Run your fingers through to complete your voluminous, soft wavy look.

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