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  • Hair Dryer Brush
Hair Dryer Brush

Hair Dryer Brush

  • Model:SC-813
  • Feature:infrared
  • Price:24.99 usd
  • Material:ABS
  • Product description: Air Brush Styler Home use Brush Hair Dryer SC-813
Hot Air Brush Styler Home use Hair Dryer Brush

Hair Dryer Brush Feature

1.Uniform heater: Balanced temperature control, Shougang bending heating wire, uniform heating area, fast heating, greatly prolonged service life, freely adjustable temperature, 30~80 degrees.

2.High temperature and overheating: automatic power-off protection, ultra-high voltage, automatic power-off, no operation for 1 hour, automatic power-off, energy saving and environmental protection, function keys without operation for 3 seconds, automatic key lock. 3.Low-wind shellfish wind: feel the tranquility and peace, the wind goes straight to the roots, repairs the hair layer, 3~7 minutes healthy and fast dry hair. 4.Dual blowing mode: adjustable hot and cold, large, medium, small, three-speed blowing wind speed suitable for all kinds of different hair types.
Anion Hair Drying Technology:The surface of the hair itself has an electric charge, which makes the hair strands repel each other, as we often say, the phenomenon of static frizz, and the ions of the product when the Xiuxin negative ion dry comb works can neutralize the charge of the hair itself, so that the hair no longer repels each other , Becomes smoother, reduces static frizz, and is easier to take care of

1.Product Name: Anion Dry Hair Comb

2.Model: SC-813

3.Heating element: infrared

4.Voltage: AC110V~240V

5.Temperature adjustment: 30°~80°

6.Rated power: 50-60Hz

7.Product certification: CE ROHS FCC PSE China, EU, and US patents

8.Power: 400W 10.Packing quantity: 20PCS

9.Plug specifications: US American regulations / EU European regulations (for domestic use) / UK British regulations / AU Australian regulations


Carton size: 68.5*43*44cm

Color box size: 42*10.5*13.5CM

FCL weight: 17KG

Single set weight: 880G/PCS (including picking box)

Color: pink/black/white 17.Negative ion concentration: above 6 million PCS/CM3

Hair Dryer Brush Package:
1. The host * 1
2. Product specification *1
3. Packaging * 1
4. Plug specifications:
US rules/EU rules /
UK rules /AU rules

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