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  • Wave hair curler
Wave hair curler

Wave hair curler

  • Model:SC-811
  • Feature:High-speed Tourmaline ceramic
  • Price:<13 usd
  • MOQ:1set
  • Product description: This is top seller hair curler,with High-speed,Tourmaline ceramic,scalding and anti-electric shock feature,as orignal hair curler factory,we offer perfect quality with nice price for beauty device who
Women Wave Hair Styling Tools Automatic Hair Curler Rollers
hair curler Feature:
High-speed heating system: German X7 core technology, can be completed in 1 minute, heating, and shaping natural curly hair quickly and conveniently.
Tourmaline ceramic panel: The nano-titanium electrical stone ceramic panel adopts innovative technology, which does not damage the hair quality and helps to repair the hair. 360-degree automatic curling: using omni-directional heating technology to create curls by changing the protein structure of the hair Anti-scalding and anti-electric shock design: The curling iron turns on the humanized anti-scalding anti-scald design, electric shock design, insulation and heat insulation, and it is more safe to use. Environmental protection and power-saving mode: The first automatic sleep mode, which automatically cuts off the power after 1 hour after booting, achieving safety and efficiency. Tangle-free sensor: Tangle-free technology, plus hair movement detector control, does not pull or pinch the hair, straight hair in, curling out
1. Take appropriate amount of hair 2. The display is facing the face 3. Put an appropriate amount of hair into the card slot and press the switch 4. Hearing a "Di" means that the hair is involved, and the curls are set 5. When you hear the continuous "Di" sound, release the handle and let the hair slide gently and naturally 6. Create beautiful hairstyles in just five minutes
Hair curler Details:

Product name: LCD automatic curling iron

Model: SC-811

Power: 50W

Voltage: 110V~240V

Heating element: Tourmaline ceramic Power cord

length: 2 meters

Temperature adjustment: 140~230°

Perm time: 8s, 10s, 12s, 15s

Product Certification: CE ROHS FCC PSE

Packing quantity: 20 sets

Inner box size: 34*12*9CM

Carton size: 47*48*37.5cm

Single set weight: 0.7KG/PCS

Host *1 Product manual *1 Packaging *1 Plug specifications:US/EU/UK/AU
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